Building Wealth With Confidence

Where Entrepreneurs Can Increase the Economic Integrity of Both Their Business & Family's Financial Future

While Chasing Rate of Return, Are You Sacrificing True Wealth?

Their is a Better Way

  • Improved Liquidity for "Staying Power"

  • Balance of Business vs Statement Wealth

  • Making One Dollar Accomplish Multiple Objections

  • Tax-efficient Investments

  • Increase Financial Clarity & Awareness.

Most financial plans are typically built around the rosiest of assumptions. But when life happens and we face the unexpected, we must be prepared.  One of the most critical tools at this time is access to money.  When cash is needed, there always seems hurdles to access it.  We work to build increased access and liquidity into a client's financial life.

Doug Frye

Wealth Strategist & Speaker

After serving clients for two decades, I've realized the issues that stop individuals from achieving financial goals with typical financial planning.

1. Decisions are made on emotion, then justified with logic.

2. Fear becomes a greater motivator than opportunity for gain.

3. Confusion then Leads to Inaction.

Our goal for every client is to educate them with the facts of what their money is really doing. Once that is understood, it typically become self-evident what decisions should to be made to improve their financial position.

"Wealth Is Getting Up Because You Want to, Not Because You Have To."

The CARE Plan

Our four step process assists clients to make Their finances

More efficient, predictable and prepared for the unexpected.


Collection and organization of your financial life onto a simple page overview. This step alone will set you on a more confident path to improving your ability to make good financial decisions.


We educate you on more efficient financial strategies for using your money to build wealth. These strategies are designed to support your personal financial DNA.


Improvements are made to your model with the goal of not disrupting your current cash flow. This is done by finding and redeploying money you are currently losing unknowing and unnecessarily.


During client calibration meetings, we suggest small course corrections to keep you on your financial journey.  When life happens, we help mitigate the impact of unforeseen events that can affect your ability to create and retain wealth.

Who Can Benefit From The CARE Plan?

Just Starting Out

You maybe wondering "Where do I start?"

Think about the sense of confidence you could have knowing your finances are efficiently structured and properly organized so they can be easily reviewed all on one page.

Gaining Traction

You have made the financial moves that your financial experts have suggested. But you think there must be other strategies to get you to the next level.

You Have Arrived

Your business or career is hitting on all cylinders and things seem "fine". You now may be less concerned with the return ON your capital, but the return OF your capital for a full retirement and legacy.

Process over Product

The appropriate financial product only becomes evident when a suitiable strategy is understood. When you know what your money is currently doing can you make decisions on changes to its direction. Our process cuts through the hype and focuses on facts. Once the potential improvements to your current position are discovered, then a suitable strategy and supporting product choice and can be implemented.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper

you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11