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Retirement Planning

Retirement for the average American could last between 25 and 30 years. Is your nest egg up to the challenge?

Have you considered all the risks and questions associated with living into your 80s or 90’s?

Will I outlive my savings? What happens then?
Is there a way to guarantee I don’t run out of money?
I’d like to leave a legacy, but how do I accomplish that while still protecting by standard of living?
How will inflation effect my retirement? Will my investment vehicle keep up with the rising cost of living? How can I know?
Healthcare costs keep rising at a rate above inflation. Will a major health issue derail what I have spent a life time accumulating? How will that effect my spouse? My Children?

What about taxes? With the national debt reaching new records each year, how could this effect my savings? What if taxes go up?
Maybe the more correction question is WHEN taxes go up?
These and many other questions need to be address when developing a long term retirement income plan. It’s not only about how much you have, but how these factors can effect it over multiple decades.

We ask the tough questions while making sure what is important you happens the way you want them to into the future.

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