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The Healthcare Solution

Reduces your annual healthcare expenses by an average of 23% and limits annual increases to under 5% (current average .07%) with no reduction in employee benefits.

Our Free Market Healthcare Plan process:



1. Reduces the cost of healthcare plans (with the same or better employee benefits.)

Typical healthcare brokers can get small reductions in costs on template plans by switching carriers. Our average client saves 23% per year on total expenses with no reduction in employee benefits and often without changing carriers. Some companies are able to give their employees better benefits.




2. Annual premium increases are prevented.

Typical healthcare brokers’ “clients” typically see 6-15% increases in premiums each year. Insurance companies will often deliberately not send out renewal notices until right before your renewal date so you are unable to shop for pricing.

Our partnerships client’s premiums increased on average by only .07% last year. Each month you get a report card to show we are evaluating on an ongoing basis how much the insurance companies might try to raise rates. We show you why they shouldn’t increase and then stop them from increasing far in advance.



3. Provides Cost, Expense and Loss Guarantees.

Your healthcare broker is paid commission when your costs skyrocket. So he more expensive your plan, the more he is paid. He doesn’t know how to provide a guarantee much less have an incentive to do so.

  • First, we guarantee the costs savings we propose after your complimentary analysis will be within 1 standard deviation – so between 95% and 105% of the estimates.
  • When you provide us a retainer fee, we will return to you in 30 days binding agreements and contracts with insurance companies that do what we said could be done. If we can’t, we return 100% of the retainer fee.
  • We guarantee your costs will not increase more than 5% per year and it’s easy to do because most of our clients never  see increases of even 1% per year. If they are, then we begin refunding portions of our fee.



4. Increases your competitive advantage.

Is your healthcare broker giving you a competitive advantage when he convinces you to pay extra for your healthcare plan and give your employees less benefits than they deserve? Clearly not. Our clients often use the savings to invest in Research & Development, attract better employees, launch advertising campaigns and other things that increase their net-income and grow their business.





5. Improves your lifestyle and retirement finances.

Every dime you are overpaying at the advice of someone else could be used to enhance your current lifestyle.  This savings can be leveraged into millions of dollars in your retirement years. The numbers and strategies we use are simple to understand.





6. Prevents conflicts of interest.

Typical healthcare brokers are paid a commission for selling insurance companies template plans which are overpriced and full of services your employees don’t need. We DO NOT accept  commissions from  any insurance companies, ever. We only recommend you pay the lowest cost for the exact services your employees need.






7. Creates transparency in the healthcare industry.

Typical healthcare brokers can’t answer the simple question, “What is the actual cost of the healthcare services and procedures you are receiving?” nor identify inflated administrative and ACA costs. We break down all costs into separate line items so you can understand easily and exactly what you are paying for.





8. Provides clarity using simple math.

Ask in-depth questions of any typical healthcare broker about your plan and you will likely  get a lot of industry jargon ending in “because.” Our solutions are statistical and mechanical. What we do is just math and easy enough for a middle school student to understand.





9. Provides financial and budget stability.

Our process is statistical and mechanical so it works every time. Our proprietary methods, strategies, and software takes your data, healthcare cost statistics, morbidity and mortality data and generates healthcare plan structures that are not subject to manipulations and cost inflations of insurance and other industry companies.

You get to focus on doing what you do best – run your company.




10. Provides solutions fast.

Once you provide us with an invoice and an employee census, we do your analysis within 2 weeks and sometimes as soon as 2 days. If you like what you see, we can return with plan structure and contracts within 30 days and then implement the plan in another 30 days.

Your current plan probably allows you to cancel with 30 days written notice. You can be saving money in as little as 60-90 days.



Get a Complimentary Plan Analysis Now

We are researchers and educators concerned about the high cost of healthcare to business owners, educational organizations, non-profits and unions. With a recent invoice and “employee census” we can run an analysis that will highlight problems in your plan and how much you should be saving. We provide this as a public and consumer education service to businesses or organizations with between 10 and 10,000 employees.

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