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  • Medical Insurance Costs to Increase in 2017 Health Insurance Costs Forecasted to Rise Again In 2017 - Years ago there was a movie called “The Neverending Story”. The movie begins with a grandfather reading a fairytale to his Grandson.  The main character is another child that rides a crazy looking dog/ferret thing and saves the world.  The twist […]
  • Health Insurance Understanding the Four Tier Based Group Health Insurance Programs - Many HR personnel and employees ask about what tier plan they have. To clear up the confusion below is a simple layout of tier based plans and the corresponding metal category from the National Association of Health Underwriters website. Tier […]
  • Copy of 3 Easy Ways to Pay off Your Mortgage (1) 3 Easy Ways to Payoff Your Mortgage Early (And How To Do It!) - There are so many opinions on whether or not you should pay off your mortgage.  I am not here to discuss those.  Instead, I’m assuming you have already made up your mind – You want to pay off your mortgage […]
  • featured-3 Why 25% of Your 401k Might Disappear - How much of your Retirement is Actually Yours I was speaking to a client about their retirement nest egg.  They were very proud of theirs.  They had accumulated several hundred thousand dollars.  Then I asked, “How much is yours?” Many […]
  • estate-order-featured-image Is Your Estate in Order? - Is Your Estate in Order? Not many of us want to think about the time when we won’t be here to look after our loved ones. And we might say to ourselves that an “estate” is something only rich people […]
  • home-featured-image Home Equity Does NOT Equal Cash - Home Equity Does NOT Equal Cash Most homeowners put as much value on their home equity as they do on their bank account.  After all, equity is a huge part of one’s net worth—doesn’t that make it equivalent to wealth? […]

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