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Guiding Beliefs

  • Cash Is Key

    Everyone has a story of a lost opportunity that could not be seized upon because of lack of cash.  Remember a time in your life when access to your money was kept from you or severe penalties were imposed to gain access to those funds?  We believe that having ALL your money locked into retirement funds that you cannot access to for 30-40 years is not the smartest move.  You should have access to some of those funds during the good times and bad.

  • Don’t Lose Money

    The dollars you will earn during your working career are limited.  There is also only a limited amount of time you have to recoup losses and regain what you lost.  Warren Buffett has two rules, “Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money. Rule No. 2: Never Forget Rule No. 1″.  Even if you regain what you lost you are still just back to where you started. We believe you should not spend years making the same dollar over and over again.

  • The Power of Uninterrupted Compounding

    Compounded growth year after year will outperform irregular and turbulent investments. A common mistake investors make is a failure to understand the power of compounded interest. The benefits of compounding interest are evident when viewing a rising chart of exponential returns.  We believe that consistent compounding trumps all other long term strategies.

  • Taxes Kill Wealth

    Taxes are impossible to avoid, but they can be minimized.  You not only lose every dollar you pay in taxes, but you also permanently lose the money you could have earned if you had kept it.  We believe that paying taxes that could have been avoided has a significant impact on your ability to build wealth. Taxes are the single largest expense you will ever have. Learning to reduce taxes will build wealth fast.

  • Strategy Is the Key

    Proper strategies must be used to minimize taxes, interest on debt, and paying for major purchases like cars, weddings, and college. We believe that these areas are places that people lose more money unknowingly and unnecessarily than all the money they ever put aside for retirement!  Plugging the holes in your financial bucket will allow yours to fill, even if the amount going in is a trickle.

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